syncopy.load_nwb(filename, memuse=3000, container=None, validate=False, default_spike_data_samplerate=None)[source]#

Read contents of NWB files

  • filename (str) – Name of (may include full path to) NWB file (e.g., “/path/to/mydata.nwb”).

  • memuse (scalar) – Approximate in-memory cache size (in MB) for reading data from disk

  • container (str) – Name of syncopy container folder to create the syncopy data in

  • default_spike_data_samplerate (float, optional) – The samplerate for spike data, in Hz. If not provided, the samplerate is read from the NWB file, but this is not guaranteed to work as some NWB files which contain only spike data do not store a samplerate. If this is None and no samplerate is found in the file, this function will raise an error, and you will have to provide the samplerate manually.


objdict – Any NWB TimeSeries-like data is imported into an AnalogData object. If the NWB file contains TTL pulse data, an additional EventData object is instantiated. The syncopy objects are returned as a dictionary whose keys are the base-names (sans path) of the corresponding files.

Return type: