syncopy.itc(spec_data, select=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Calculates the inter trial coherence for a SpectralData spec_data object, the input spectrum needs to be complex. The ITC of N trials is given by the length of the complex mean of vectors z_i(f):

\[1/N \sum_{i=1}^{N} z_i / |z_i|\]

and have therefore values between 0 and 1. In the literature this measure is also often called the Kuramoto order parameter.

For time-frequency spectra the trial sizes have to match exactly, and the output will be also additionally time dependent.

  • spec_data (SpectralData) – The input spectrum, needs at least 2 trials

  • select (dict or StructDict or str) – In-place selection of subset of input data for processing. Please refer to syncopy.selectdata() for further usage details.


res – The frequency dependent order parameters, the inter trial coherence

Return type: