syncopy.timelockanalysis(data, latency='maxperiod', covariance=False, ddof=None, trials='all', keeptrials=False, parallel=None, select=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Average, variance and covariance for AnalogData objects across trials.

If input data is not timelocked already, trial cutting and selections will be applied according to the latency setting.

The parameters listed below can be provided as is or a via a cfg configuration ‘structure’, see Notes for details.

  • data (Syncopy AnalogData object) – Syncopy AnalogData object to be averaged across trials

  • latency (array_like or {'maxperiod', 'minperiod', 'prestim', 'poststim'}) – Either set desired time window ([begin, end]) in seconds, ‘maxperiod’ (default) for the maximum period available or ‘minperiod’ for minimal time-window all trials share, or `’prestim’ (all t < 0) or ‘poststim’ (all t > 0) FieldTrip note: this also sets covarianceWindow

  • covariance (bool) – Set to True to also compute covariance over channels

  • ddof (int or None) – Degrees of freedom for covariance estimation, defaults to N - 1

  • trials ('all' or sequence) – Trial selection for FieldTrip compatibility, alternatively use standard Syncopy select dictionary which also allows additional selections over channels.

  • keeptrials (bool) – Set to False to get single trial covariances in out.cov

  • parallel (None or bool) – If None (recommended), processing is automatically performed in parallel (i.e., concurrently across trials/channel-groups), provided a dask parallel processing client is running and available. Parallel processing can be manually disabled by setting parallel to False. If parallel is True but no parallel processing client is running, computing will be performed sequentially.

  • select (dict or StructDict or str) – In-place selection of subset of input data for processing. Please refer to syncopy.selectdata() for further usage details.


out – Time locked data object, with additional datasets: “avg”, “var” and “cov” if convariance was set to True

Return type: