syncopy.synthdata.mk_RandomAdjMat(nChannels=3, conn_thresh=0.25, max_coupling=0.25, seed=None)[source]#

Create a random adjacency matrix for the network of AR(2) processes where entry (i,j) is the coupling strength from channel i -> j

  • nChannels (int) – Number of channels (network nodes)

  • conn_thresh (float) – Connectivity threshold for the Bernoulli sampling of the network connections. Setting conn_thresh = 1 yields a fully connected network (not recommended).

  • max_coupling (float < 0.5, optional) – Total input into single channel normalized by number of couplings (for stability).

  • seed (None or int, passed on to np.random.default_rng.) – Set to an int to get reproducible results.


AdjMatnChannels x nChannels adjacency matrix where

Return type: