Complete API#

Reference to the complete Syncopy API

syncopy Package#

syncopy.startup_print_once(message, force=False)[source]#

Print message once: do not spam message n times during all n worker imports.


definetrial(obj[, trialdefinition, pre, ...])

(Re-)define trials of a Syncopy data object

selectdata(data[, trials, channel, ...])

Create a new Syncopy object from a selection

show(data[, squeeze])

Show (partial) contents of Syncopy object


Create a copy of the entire Syncopy object data on disk

redefinetrial(data_obj[, trials, minlength, ...])

This function allows you to adjust the time axis of your data, i.e. to change from stimulus-locked to response-locked.

concat(spy_obj1, spy_obj2[, dim])

Concatenate two Syncopy data objects trial-by-trial along dim axis.

load_ft_raw(filename[, list_only, ...])

Imports raw time-series data from Field Trip into potentially multiple AnalogData objects, one for each structure found within the MAT-file.

load_tdt(data_path[, start_code, end_code, ...])

Imports TDT time series data and meta-information into a single AnalogData object.

load_nwb(filename[, memuse, container, ...])

Read contents of NWB files

cleanup([older_than, interactive, ...])

Delete old files in temporary Syncopy folder


Clear Syncopy objects from memory

load(filename[, tag, dataclass, checksum, ...])

Load Syncopy data object(s) from disk

save(out[, container, tag, filename, overwrite])

Save Syncopy data object to disk


Convert raw spy.AnalogData (single-trial data) to an MNE Python RawArray.


Convert MNE python to spy.AnalogData (single-trial data).


Convert Syncopy timelocked data to MNE Python mne.EpochsArray.


Convert MNE EpochsArray to time-locked Syncopy AnalogData instance.


Parse input arguments of obj and return dictionary

freqanalysis(data[, method, output, ...])

Perform (time-)frequency analysis of Syncopy AnalogData objects

connectivityanalysis(data[, method, ...])

Perform connectivity analysis of Syncopy SpectralData OR directly AnalogData objects

spike_psth(data[, binsize, output, latency, ...])

Peristimulus time histogram

timelockanalysis(data[, latency, ...])

Average, variance and covariance for AnalogData objects across trials.

mean(spy_data, dim[, keeptrials, parallel, ...])

Calculates the average along arbitrary dimensions of a Syncopy data object spy_data.

std(spy_data, dim[, keeptrials, parallel, ...])

Calculates the standard deviation along arbitrary dimensions of a Syncopy data object spy_data.

var(spy_data, dim[, keeptrials, parallel, ...])

Calculates the variance along arbitrary dimensions of a Syncopy data object spy_data.

median(spy_data, dim[, keeptrials, ...])

Calculates the median along arbitrary dimensions of a Syncopy data object spy_data.

itc(spec_data[, select])

Calculates the inter trial coherence for a SpectralData spec_data object, the input spectrum needs to be complex.

singlepanelplot(data, **show_kwargs)

Plot Syncopy data in a single panel

multipanelplot(data, **show_kwargs)

Plot Syncopy data in multiple panels

preprocessing(data[, filter_class, ...])

Preprocessing of time continuous raw data with IIR and FIR filters

resampledata(data[, resamplefs, method, ...])

Performs resampling or downsampling of AnalogData objects, representing uniformly sampled time series data.


AnalogData([data, filename, ...])

Multi-channel, uniformly-sampled, analog (real float) data

SpectralData([data, filename, ...])

Multi-channel, real or complex spectral data

CrossSpectralData([data, filename, ...])

Multi-channel real or complex spectral connectivity data

TimeLockData([data, filename, ...])

Multi-channel, uniformly-sampled, time-locked data.

SpikeData([data, filename, trialdefinition, ...])

Spike times of multi- and/or single units

EventData([data, filename, trialdefinition, ...])

Timestamps and integer codes of experimental events

TrialIndexer(data_object, idx_list)

StructDict(*args, **kwargs)

Child-class of dict for emulating MATLAB structs

Class Inheritance Diagram#

Inheritance diagram of syncopy.datatype.continuous_data.AnalogData, syncopy.datatype.continuous_data.SpectralData, syncopy.datatype.continuous_data.CrossSpectralData, syncopy.datatype.continuous_data.TimeLockData, syncopy.datatype.discrete_data.SpikeData, syncopy.datatype.discrete_data.EventData, syncopy.datatype.util.TrialIndexer,

syncopy.synthdata Package#


ar2_network([AdjMat, nSamples, alphas, ...])

Simulation of a network of coupled AR(2) processes

ar2_peak_freq(a1, a2[, samplerate])

Helper function to tune spectral peak of AR(2) process


Decorator to wrap around a single trial (nSamples x nChannels shaped np.ndarray) synthetic data function.

harmonic(freq, samplerate[, nSamples, ...])

A harmonic with frequency freq.

linear_trend(y_max[, nSamples, nChannels, ...])

A linear trend on all channels from 0 to y_max in nSamples.

mk_RandomAdjMat([nChannels, conn_thresh, ...])

Create a random adjacency matrix for the network of AR(2) processes where entry (i,j) is the coupling strength from channel i -> j

phase_diffusion(freq[, eps, samplerate, ...])

Linear (harmonic) phase evolution plus a Brownian noise term inducing phase diffusion around the deterministic phase velocity (angular frequency).

poisson_noise([nTrials, nSpikes, nChannels, ...])

Poisson (Shot-)noise generator

red_noise(alpha[, nSamples, nChannels, ...])

Uncoupled multi-channel AR(1) process realizations.

scalar_parser(var[, varname, ntype, lims])

Parse scalars

signature(obj, *[, follow_wrapped, globals, ...])

Get a signature object for the passed callable.


Decorator that unwraps cfg "structure" in metafunction call

white_noise([nSamples, nChannels, seed, nTrials])

Plain white noise with unity standard deviation.