API for Users


definetrial(obj[, trialdefinition, pre, …])

(Re-)define trials of a Syncopy data object

padding(data, padtype[, pad, padlength, …])

Perform data padding on Syncopy object or numpy.ndarray

selectdata(data[, trials, channels, toi, …])

Create a new Syncopy object from a selection


Delete old files in temporary Syncopy folder


Clear Syncopy objects from memory

load(filename[, tag, dataclass, checksum, …])

Load Syncopy data object(s) from disk

save(out[, container, tag, filename, …])

Save Syncopy data object to disk

esi_cluster_setup([partition, n_jobs, …])

Start a distributed Dask cluster of parallel processing workers using SLURM (or local multi-processing)


Stop and close dangling parallel processing jobs


Parse input arguments of obj and return dictionary

freqanalysis(data[, method, output, …])

Perform (time-)frequency analysis of Syncopy AnalogData objects

singlepanelplot(*data[, trials, channels, …])

Plot contents of Syncopy data object(s) using single-panel figure(s)

multipanelplot(*data[, trials, channels, …])

Plot contents of Syncopy data object(s) using multi-panel figure(s)


AnalogData([data, filename, …])

Multi-channel, uniformly-sampled, analog (real float) data

SpectralData([data, filename, …])

Multi-channel, real or complex spectral data

SpikeData([data, filename, trialdefinition, …])

Spike times of multi- and/or single units

EventData([data, filename, trialdefinition, …])

Timestamps and integer codes of experimental events

StructDict(*args, **kwargs)

Child-class of dict for emulating MATLAB structs

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of syncopy.datatype.continuous_data.AnalogData, syncopy.datatype.continuous_data.SpectralData, syncopy.datatype.discrete_data.SpikeData, syncopy.datatype.discrete_data.EventData, syncopy.shared.tools.StructDict